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What is the difference between Agate and Painswick Grey?


If your reading this you have asked that question in your head "What is the difference between Agate and Painswick Grey" Well you have come to the right place.

The colour pale grey  known as Painswick is becoming one of the favourite colours across all of our branches espcially over the past few years. And at GBP we now stock this colour in fascia, trims, touch up pens and spray, so you are able to collect or have delivered your items quicker and to hand to start that job straight away. It’s even becoming more popular than Anthracite grey and Chartwell Green, with installers and homeowners alike wanting it for their homes.

What is the difference between Agate Grey and Painswick?
In truth, there is no difference. Agate Grey and Painswick are the same colour, The colour is a subtle blend of light green and grey. Orgininated from the Residence collection who chose the name Painswick as they wanted a more consumer friendly name for Agate grey. Painswick fitted along-side the names of some of their other colours, such as Chartwell Green, Cotswold Biscuit and English oak, all of which sound traditional.

What colour is Painswick

Sitting in between French Grey and Pebble Grey, Painswick is a gentle mix of pale grey and green. The colour of the stones used to build the homes in the small town of Painswick in the Cotswolds influenced the colour. Technically, it is a shade of grey, with very subtle green tones.

What colour is Agate grey?

Agate Grey is a light shade of grey with soft and subtle undertones. It’s a delicate and inviting colour that complements various natural materials, creating an inviting atmosphere in any living space

The origins of Painswick

The Residence Collection named the colour after a small village in Gloucestershire called Painswick, 8 miles from their offices. The village itself can be traced back to the Iron Age, with the local monastery being established in the 11th century.

Is Painswick green or grey?

Painswick, or Agate grey, is a shade of grey, with a tint of green. The official name, Agate Grey, along with the colour code, however, classifies it as a grey.

What RAL is Agate Grey or Painswick?

If you are looking for a colour code to match your garage door or garden gate with your new Painswick windows and doors, RAL 7038 is the code you are looking for. Of course, you can pop down to your local branch to see the product or get a sample of the colour.

Painswick Agate Grey windows and doors

Painswick (Agate Grey) is becoming incredibly popular with PVCu windows and doors. Homeowners are drawn to the soft grey or green tones of the light grey colour. The colour itself goes well with most brick (or stone) colours, so it can be installed into new homes or old cottages and townhouses.

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