Leadax Lead Replacement

Durable and long lasting Leadax is a cost effective alternative to traditional lead
Lightweight and easy to use, it is non toxic.
Available in 6 Metre rolls from 150mm wide to a massive 1Metre wide

LEADAX is manufactured from a by product of laminated glass & aluminium mesh giving the product the same unique properties as code 5 Lead

Leadax is the first lead substitute in the world that:-

  • Looks like Lead
  • Dresses like Lead
  • Malleable & pliable as Lead

Features include:

  • LEADAX can be hot air welded
  • LEADAX can be installed in 6m continuous strips
  • LEADAX has the same waterproof properties as Lead
  • LEADAX is lightweight with quick & easy application
  • 50% cost saving against code 5 Lead