150mm - 300mm Laminate Windowboards
Image for White Laminate Windowboard
White Laminate Windowboard
Image for Rosewood Laminated Windowboard
Rosewood Laminated Windowboard
Image for Golden Oak Laminated Windowboard
Golden Oak Laminated Windowboard
Image for Irish Oak Laminated Windowboard
Irish Oak Laminated Windowboard
Image for Anthracite Laminated Windowboard
Anthracite Laminated Windowboard
Image for Grey Slate Lamintaed Windowboard
Grey Slate Lamintaed Windowboard
Image for Beige Slate Laminated Windowboard
Beige Slate Laminated Windowboard

Window boards add style and elegance to your home or conservatory windows, providing a tough, hard-wearing surface for plants, lamps and other ornaments. Laminated window boards from General Building Plastics are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards using top-quality materials. Pressure-laminated, these boards are scratch, heat and moisture resistant, providing many years of low-maintenance performance.

These attractive, easy-to-install boards are ideal for conservatories and provide the perfect moisture, heat and stain-resistant finish to your windows. Once in place, all that is required to keep your window boards in pristine condition is a simple clean with a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleaner.

Plastic end caps, internal and external corner that match the colour and finish of your boards are also available to cover cut ends.

Standard Window Board Range:
All window boards are 23.2 mm in thickness, with a bullnose profile. To facilitate for cut end, a plastic end cap to match the colour of the window board is available. Five colours compliment the range, white, light oak, golden oak, mahogany and rosewood.

Designer Window Board Range:
We now have a range of Designer Window Boards which mimic Natural Stone ; plastic end caps, internal and external joints in matching plastic extrusions are also available.  Decors available are: Grey Slate, Beige Slate and Anthracite