Newbuild Fascia / Full Replacement Fascia
Image for Freefoam FMS White Fascia
Freefoam FMS White Fascia
Image for Woodgrain/Foiled Replacement Fascia
Woodgrain/Foiled Replacement Fascia
Image for Coloured Replacment/Newbuild Fascia
Coloured Replacment/Newbuild Fascia
Image for Ogee Replacement/Newbuild Fascia
Ogee Replacement/Newbuild Fascia
Image for 16mm Flat Fascia Board
16mm Flat Fascia Board
Image for 25mm Fascia
25mm Fascia
Image for 18mm Round Nose Fascia
18mm Round Nose Fascia

We have a range of UPVC fascia boards which are thick enough to not require any backing boards. Our plastics fascia and gable boards can be fitted directly onto the roof rafters, they are ideal for new houses, extensions, or for roofs where the existing boards are rotten and need to be replaced.

Available in a range of thicknesses, colours and finishes to suit ever application. All our UPVC fascia boards are manufactured in the UK and carry full manufactuers warranties.

What is Newbuild or Replacemetn Fascia?
Fascia and Bargeboard usually use the same type of UPVC boards.  The main difference between Capover and Replacement boards is the thickness.  If you are leaving your existing timbers in place, or have already fitted backing timber to your rafters then you will only need to fit Capover Fascia which is around 10mm thick, however if you have removed your old wooden boards, or are fitting directly onto rafters then you need to fit a thicker board.  We refer to this board as a Replacement Fascia, but it can also be fitted on a new building as well.   The Replacement boards come in a range of colours and a few different thicknesses, all have been thoroughly tested and you can confidently fit your guttering brackets directly to these boards.