Image for 10mm Polycarbonate Sheets
10mm Polycarbonate Sheets
Image for 16mm Polycarbonate Sheets
16mm Polycarbonate Sheets
Image for 25mm Polycarbonate Sheets
25mm Polycarbonate Sheets
Image for 35mm Polycarbonate Sheets
35mm Polycarbonate Sheets
Image for Structural Roofing Bars
Structural Roofing Bars
Image for Channel, Trims & Accessories
Channel, Trims & Accessories
Image for Solid Polycarbonate / Acrylic Sheets
Solid Polycarbonate / Acrylic Sheets
Image for Corrugated Sheet
Corrugated Sheet

At GBPlastics we have a wide range of solid and fluted polycarbonate available. With thicknesses ranging from 3mm solid polycarbonate, which is ideal for us as an alternative to glass when glazing, up to 32mm thick fluted polycarbonate sheeting which provides excellent insulation properties for use as a roofing material.
Glazing Bars, end caps and accessories are all sold at G B Plastics, and these can help you to construct a simple, lean-to type roof, right up to a complicated victorian style conservatory roof.