630mm x 580mm x 70mm GB02 Orac Gallows Bracket (75kg load)

Price£48.48 EXC. VAT Each
Suppliers Part Code GB03

Dimensions: 70mm wide x 630mm high x 580mm projection
Gallows brackets are typically used to support most types of flat top door canopies.

These Xterio brackets offer developers and home owners alike the opportunity to install a low maintenance pre-finished bracket that will not discolour in UV light like many of the cheap recycled plastic alternatives.

Our Gallows Bracket provides unrivalled structural support for use underneath top canopies. Additionally the white woodgrain finish provides a traditional appearance, which compliments both GRP and decorated timber canopies.

Each bracket is made from our pre-finished Duropolymer material and designed as a structural support. Correctly installed, each item can support a 75 kg load. Supplied in RAL 9003 white. 10 year manufacturers Warranty. No need to decorate.

Please ensure that your installation is through the pilot holes provided, and that brackets are either secured by mushroom headed screws (using rawlplugs into the wall) or via suitable galvanised coach bolts. Fixing the upper screw into the wall may require an offset screwdriver to avoid burring the head when fastening.

**please note the price is per gallows bracket, if you wish to purchase a pack of 2 brackets you need to enter 2 in the quantity field**