Ultragrime PRO XXL+ Wipes(100)

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    Ultragrime Super-Sized Wipes -

    Powerful yet gentle on all surfaces
    Supersize wipes 39cm x 25cm for speedy cleaning
    Dispences one at a time
    Low foaming
    100 per pack
    Large absorbancy capacity
    Super soft & extremely strong
    Hand safe and dermatologically tested
    Collects dirt like a microfibre cloth
    Alcohol-free with vitamin E and Aloe extract

    When it comes cleaning wipes we all have a preconceived idea of what to expect. Over the years there has become an industry standard for everything from size, texture, wetness and strength. Forget everything you think you know about your average cleaning wipes and take a look at Uniwipe!

    Here is why Uniwipe are different:

    Usually a pack of cleaning wipes contains 25-50 wipes and their size means you need 2/3 wipes at a time. There are 100 huge wipes in a Uniwipe pack and they are over twice the size of regular wipes at 38 x 25 cm meaning one pack will go a long way.

    Uniwipe is much more like a cloth in texture. Made with microfibre technology one wipe can be used over and over again meaning your pack will go much further.

    Due to their ingredients many wipes will try up quickly. Uniwipe stay wet for over an hour out of the packet. At Uniwipe HQ we have a pack that has been open (lid off) for 6 months and they are still wet!

    Unlike regular cleaning wipes which can rip and fall apart with a bit of pressure Uniwipe are super strength meaning they will stand up to almost any test and are reusable too!