Textured Fortex Cladding
Image for 170mm Feather Edge Shiplap
170mm Feather Edge Shiplap
Image for 333mm Double Plank Textured Cladding
333mm Double Plank Textured Cladding
Image for 300mm Shiplap Textured Cladding
300mm Shiplap Textured Cladding

Textured UPVC cladding gives the appearance of sandblasted wooded cladding but has all the benefits of a low maintenance UPVC cladding.  It is available in a range of ice-cream inspired shades and comes with a full manufacturers guarantee for product stability and colourfastness.  
The 170mm feather edge cladding has a textured finish and is designed to replicate traditional rough sawn timber feather cladding, popular on coastal houses.  It is our most popular range and we have stock in most of our branches.  Once installed it is hard to tell the difference between this plastic cladding and timber cladding, but as the only maintenance needed with our version is for a quick wipe down to keep it looking as good as the day it was installed - the benefits are clear.
The 300mm 'double plank' cladding is designed to look like 150mm shiplap style cladding.  It also has a textured finish, so and is particularly quick to install, making it the ideal choice for large areas or commercial applications.
New 333mm double plank covers exactly 1sqM and is available in the largest range of colours
Products are co-extruded enabling them to be covered with a layer of PVC resistant to UV rays and discolouration.
Products are guaranteed for 10 years.
Available in White, Storm Grey, Pale Gold, Sand, Argyll Brown Pake Blue and Colonial Blue

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