Foiled Vented Flatboards
Image for Black Ash Grain Vented Flatboard/Soffit
Black Ash Grain Vented Flatboard/Soffit
Image for Rosewood Vented Flatboard/Soffit
Rosewood Vented Flatboard/Soffit
Image for Golden Oak Vented Flatboard/Soffit
Golden Oak Vented Flatboard/Soffit
Image for Mahogany Vented Flatboard/Soffit
Mahogany Vented Flatboard/Soffit
Image for Anthracite Grey Vented Flatboards/Soffit
Anthracite Grey Vented Flatboards/Soffit

10mm thick woodgrain foiled flatboards, available in Black Ash Grain, Rosewood Grain, Golden Oak Grain, Mahogany and Anthracite Grey.

This vented soffit board complies with Building Regulations for all roofs with a pitch of 30° and over. 

The slots provide the equivalent of a continuous 10mm air gap whilst preventing large insects, wasps and bees from entering the roof space.

Freefoam offer a selection of solid soffit boards. These are an important part of the roofing system. They are used to protect and enclose the underside of the roof edge. They also provide ventilation to the inner roof area to minimise the risk of trapped moist air.

Please be aware that this is a white board with coloured covering, so when the holes are punched through the surface the white product is visible