Soudabond HD PU Adhesive Foam 750ml Gun Grade

Price£10.48 EXC. VAT Each
Suppliers Part Code 121734
    SOUDABOND EASY is a ready-to-use, single component, self-expanding polyurethane adhesive for clean, efficient and economical permanent bonding of insulation
    • Single component PU adhesive
    • Up to 30% quicker than traditional methods*
    • Filling capabilities
    • Porous and non-porous materials
    • Fibre Reinforced Technology
    Clean, efficient and economical permanent bond of insulation panels. Suitable for bonding polystyrene, polyurethane, phenol resin foam based panels and gypsum plasterboard in dry lining applications. Can be used for bonding non-load bearing walls. Fills cavities between individual thermal insulation panels
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