Wood Replica Tudor Board
Image for Black
Image for Chocolate Brown
Chocolate Brown
Image for Rosewood
Image for Golden Oak
Golden Oak
Image for Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey

This Tudor Board is perfect for replacing the old imperial timber planks

All these Tudor planks are hand made at a UK factory in specialist moulds and are created from actual real English oak timbers. They do not use computer aided drawings or complex machinery to make our planks, everything is carefully made by hand.

After the planks have been made, they are hand paint them in the paint shop using a very high performing exclusive paint system. Unlike other manufacturers of Tudor planks, who simply paint a top coat over their boards, they use a two stage paint system and slow drying technique that chemically bonds the paint to the Polyurethane and thus preventing paint peel or flaking. There unique colour pigment applied to the core of the planks in the mould protects the life of the Polyurethane even further.

You’ll love the texture and feel of our mock Tudor planks and you’ll find it hard to believe it’s not really wood!